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FSBO Negotiating Tips


How do I negotiate as a For Sale By Owner – Real Estate Agents hang their hats on being so-called “Professional Negotiators”, however In the everyday world there really are no “Professional Negotiators”. Probably the hardest negotiation you will ever go thru is with a Car Salesman, and I am positive you didn’t bring a Professional Negotiator with you when you purchased your last auto.

There are a few tricks everyone can take advantage of when selling your own home using the Texas FSBO Flat Fee MLS!

  1. Know the value of your home. Websites like Zillow are really fun websites – but their market valuations can vary tremendously and are NOT accurate, the County Tax Records most likely will not be accurate if you work hard every year protesting your taxes. You can always pay an appraiser to do an appraisal and get the value exactly – or you can most likely interview a few agents and get their Comparable Market Analysis or we can assist you with pricing assistance – while this is not as accurate as an appraisal it will give you a good starting guideline.
  2. KNOW YOUR BOTTOM LINE!!!! This should be your number 1 PRIORITY when negotiating with a Buyer or Buyers Agent. No what you will need to walk away from closing with to be satisfied
  1. If you have a mortgage – know your mortgage payoff balance
  2. You as a Seller WILL have closing costs – know them before you start negotiating ie: Mortgage Payoff – If Buyer is Represented how much commission are you willing to pay a Buyer’s Agent – Title Policy (Typically a Sellers Expense) – HOA Fees if you live within a neighborhood that has an HOA – Any property taxes due and payable – Who is paying for a Survey if necessary.
  1. Keep your reasons for Selling to yourself – Distressed Sellers will get Lower Offers
  2. Enjoy the experience – you have interested buyers who want your home – you are saving thousands of dollars selling on your own with Texas FSBO – DON’T GET GREEDY
  3. At TexasFSBO /My Castle Realty – You have access to licensed agents with 20+ yrs of Negotiation Experience to hold your hand thru the entire process

The Best part of being of being a For Sale by Owner - not being saddled with a 6% realtor commission. TexasFSBO, HoustonFSBO, DallasFSBO, FortWorthFSBO, San AntonioFSBO and more.